Hidden Tuscany:

Places which apparently seem to be inhospitable, sometimes shadowy and with eerie names; places that are rich in charm and mystery; a stream will pleasantly surprise you, filling your heart with sounds and colours and if once you have felt the caress of the water you will always carry it inside you.

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Canyoning is the only way to discover the hidden corners of paradise.
It’s a mix of walking in water, sliding down natural water slides, jumping into limpid pools, lowering yourself down waterfalls on a rope, encountering unique species of animals and plants.
It’s a mix of lights, shapes, sounds and colours which are continually changing due to the slow and relentless movement of water.

Modern materials and equipment, specific techniques and the watchful eyes of our guides allow us to say that today Canyoning is poetry and pure fun.
In Tuscany it can be practised from the beginning of April until the end of October; during that period we offer at least one weekly trip through the most beautiful canyons.

Toscana Adventure Team organizes trips of one or more days to the canyons across Italy as well as in France, Slovenia, Austria, Switzerland and Spain.
For those who are already skilled and do not require a guide, we can provide the necessary equipment for hire.

Just call us! We will be thrilled to share this adventure with you!

Places where to play canyoning

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