The pleasure of discovery

We are ready to take you inside Mother Earth through the streets reserved for the lucky few,

fantastic caves and narrow ravines have been waiting for your arrival for millions of years.

Fantastic adventures and incredible places a few kilometers from the city.

Speleology (from the Greek spèlaion = cave and logos = discourse) is the science that studies karst phenomena or caves and natural cavities, their genesis and their nature.

Beyond its purely scientific role, caving attracts a considerable number of people who practice it as a sport, as a philosophy or even just for simple and healthy curiosity and fun!

The exploration of the caves is certainly one of the oldest human activities, given that in prehistory the protection that the caves offered was much sought after.

We are waiting for you to try and live this adventure together!

In Tuscany:

Monte Corchia, Apuan Alps: crossing Buca d’Eolo – Serpente, 14 wells, the deepest, 50 m. for those who already have experience of rappelling and are in good physical shape, minimum 6 hours. fantastic environment !!!

Fornovolasco, Apuan Alps: The screaming lair, the first cave to be mapped in Europe, a jewel carved out of the water that flows here all year round. 400 meters of development, 2 short sections of easy climbing. the cave ends with a flooded stretch, the internal temperature varies from 10 to 12 degrees. Going back for those who want it will be possible to visit the branch of silence, a branch no longer affected by the water, but very beautiful. From 8 years old

Calvana, Prato: Fonte Buia, 2 steps from Florence.