Challenge your limits and compare with your true nature.



Who did you decide to live your adventure with?


Look ahead. The best part is yet to come!!

Our philosophy

We take care of your emotions

We have turned a great passion into a profession, and our challenge started with this question: is it possible to rediscover integral parts of nature or do we feel left out forever? If you want we can try together to answer, with eyes, feet, hands and heart; discovering water, heaven and earth.

Our team offers the opportunity to experience nature in the way you like best, in one of the most loved and beautiful regions in the world, Tuscany.


Professionals by passion

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How we work

How we like to be



The sense of discovery and curiosity for what lies beyond is in human nature.
The only frontier we recognize is that of the imagination



It is a way of life for us, a need imprinted in our DNA, which does not depend on where we are, but on the ability of our eyes and our heart to see things from a different perspective.


The team spirit

We cannot ignore human contact, a true friendship and a sense of positive collaboration with those who trust us. This is the best way to make an active holiday something special.


Places and people

These are our factory, our office, we want and we must respect them by enhancing them as they are.
Respect is the only access key guaranteed to serenely experience Discovery and Adventure together.