Sardegna Canyoning Trip

Difficulty: Adventure,
Duration: 3 Days
Departure: April 25, 2025 – evening
Return: 28 – April 2025 – morning
Means of transport: Car and ferry, from Livorno.
Rate: €310 per person

Includes: Guide and equipment (harness, helmet, headlamp, two-piece 5mm wetsuit) for the three canyons on the program. the cost of travel and accommodation is not included in the price


26/4 at 20.00 in Livorno by Sardinia ferries at 22.00 with arrival on 27/4 at 7.00. ( or we will meet directly in Sardinia with meeting points to be established with our guides)

From Golfo Aranci we head south, in the hinterland of San Teodoro, to discover the Rio Pitrisconi, an open stream, dug into the granite, in a wild environment with about 6 verticals, max 28 m, and dips, even important ones (up to 11 m), never mandatory!

From the car: 5 minutes

Torrent: about 3 hours

Return to the car: 45 minutes

from here, after having refreshed ourselves, we head towards URZULEI, where we will dine and sleep at Maria, b&b Su Biancu.

(Everyone can find the most suitable accommodation for their needs.)


breakfast and transfer to the Supramonte, to explore Codula Orbisi, a canyon carved into the limestone, where the action of the wind and water has built beautiful geometries. The first part and the final part are usually dry, while the central part has an underground passage, beautiful with cold, very cold water!

Transfer: 45 minutes

By car: 15 minutes

Torrent: about 4 hours

Return to the car: 50 minutes

Return to the structure, dinner and overnight.


Today is the day of the Grotta Donnini Jewel of karst erosion, an incredible place.

The entrance to the cave is through a 1 m diameter hole in the bed of Codula Orbisi with two descents in as many vertical galleries to arrive at a partially flooded gallery, which is spectacular! Then a 15 m abseil that leads us into the underground river. Here we will alternate flooded passages that we will overcome by swimming (even 100 meters in length) with passages in a dry environment. The exit is placed in the middle of the face, and the final waterfall is a 50 m, needless to say, beautiful!

Transfer: 45 minutes

By car: 15 minutes

Torrent: about 5 hours

Return to the car: 50 minutes

after the Donini, we will return to Golfo Aranci to take the 21.00 ferry to Livorno




  • 5 mm neoprene isothermal wetsuit
  • Helmet* complete with light system
  • Harness *
  • Descender, lanyards and safety carabiners*
  • Common material (ropes, first aid kit)
  • *all the individual and collective protective devices used comply with current regulations


  • A polyester thermal shirt to put under the wetsuit.
  • Swimming suit.
  • Towel.
  • Sneakers/trekking shoes to enter the water and socks to get wet.
  • No hand rings.
  • Those who wear glasses will have to fix them to the head to avoid losing them, those
  • who use contact lenses, preferably the disposable type with a spare pair.
  • A plastic bag for storing shoes, socks and anything else that will get wet after the experience.
  • Canyoning shoes for hire €10 per person, to be requested when booking


Before entering the canyon you will be informed about the objective characteristics and risks of the canyon,

on the behaviors to adopt for the safety of all and for the respect of the environment.

You will also be trained on rope maneuvers if necessary.

Logistics information:

The crossing must be booked directly.

The b&b with half board treatment (dinner+overnight stay+breakfast, wine and beer excluded) costs €110 per person for two nights, in a double or triple room.

The internal movements will be made with our vehicle, up to 3 participants, with sharing of expenses (diesel from Golfo Aranci to Golfo Aranci), while it is necessary to have another car for the rest of the group, directly from the continent or a rental one on site. also for this there will be the sharing of expenses among the occupants.


a good and normal state of health
knowing how to swim, or the absence of fear of water using the life jacket (to be requested at the time of booking)
the absence of cardiac and/or respiratory pathologies that are not compatible with physical effort.