It is the descent of torrents, more or less encased, with or without water, wearing an isothermal wetsuit, sneakers with sculpted soles (not smooth), helmet and harness, using different progression techniques.


A good and normal state of health

knowing how to swim or alternatively for gorges with aquatic difficulties up to A3, using a life jacket (to be requested when booking) the absence of fear of water.

The absence of pathologies that are not compatible with the physical effort and with the canyoning practice environment.

You can do it all year round depending on the route you choose. There are specific routes for spring, summer and winter (very beautiful dry canyons)

For routes with difficulty up to V3 A3 III it is not necessary to have canyoning experience, you will be accompanied by professional guides.

There are about 30 gorges in Tuscany from north to south, depending on the season we will choose the most suitable one for your needs.

It can be done in the province of Lucca, Prato, Massa Carrara, Pisa, Grosseto

No, it can be done throughout Italy, in France, Spain, Switzerland, etc.

It can be done from 8 years of age regardless of the chosen path.

Of course it depends on the route, there are specific routes for children,

For routes with difficulty up to V3 A3 III it is not necessary to know canyoning, nor any progression technique. The guides will teach you how to move in certain environments. For routes with higher difficulty it is advisable to have previous experience, however our staff will evaluate any exceptions

No, all the technical equipment is included in the cost of the excursion

You need sneakers with a sculpted sole, for runners or trekking.

Solid shoes that protect the foot.

No rock shoes, no open shoes, no slippers, no neoprene shoes. No diving shoes.

Of course, you can rent the shoes, upon request directly from us, for €5

Sorry, wetsuit is mandatory, for protection from possible shocks, but protected for protection from the cold.

You cannot enter the creek without a wetsuit

Quite. It depends on the period and the stream, in any case the average temperature of the water in central Italy is 12°,

for the gorges with water difficulties up to A3 It is not necessary to know how to swim, a Life Jacket can be requested at the time of booking.

There is no zero-risk outdoor activity. The “canyon” environment is beautiful, but severe, your responsibility combined with our expertise, will be the best possible risk mitigation.

This depends on your physical preparation.

Booking is mandatory, you can do it by email by writing to or via whatsapp on 3487911215

You can book by email or by whatsapp 3487911215

It is advisable to book well in advance to choose the day and time of descent you prefer.

Certain. We organize private or group excursions for birthday parties

Of course. We organize private or group excursions for stag or hen parties.

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