A canyon that is technical in the upper section, and recreational in the final section; overall very beautiful.


Difficulty: Expert
Duration of the canyon: 4 ore
Total duration: 5-6 ore
Approach hike: 50 min
Return Hike: 0 minuti
highest abseil: 55 m
Period: July- September

Recommended only for participants who have previous abseiling experience.


At the meeting point, we will leave at least one vehicle with towels and dry clothes. With another vehicle, we will drive to the upper parking site in the hamlet of Ronchi. From here, 50 minutes along a steep and tiring path will take us to the canyon entry point. After the briefing on safety and descent techniques, off we go into the water. The canyon is immediately vertical, with a series of spectacular and breathtaking waterfalls, all in rapid succession, the highest of which is 55 meters. The final section (the last 7 obstacles) is less vertical and more recreational.

This experience is aimed at participants who have previous abseiling experience.

For general information regarding this activity, download the briefing and the activity sheet.


  • Isothermal wet suit in 5mm neoprene
  • Helmet*
  • Lifejacket flotation device * (to be requested and booked in advance)
  • Harness*
  • Descender, safety slings and carabiners*
  • group materials (ropes, first aid kit)
  • *All Collective and Personal Protection Equipment used is conformant to current standards


  • Polyester thermal shirt (base layer) to wear under the wetsuit,
  • Bathing suit,
  • Towel,
  • Gym/hiking shoes to wear into the canyon (they will get wet)
  • No rings on fingers.
  • If you wear eyeglasses, find a way to tie them on to avoid losing them; if you wear contact lenses, it is best if they are of the single-use type, and bring a spare pair!
  • A plastic bag to use for your shoes, socks and everything else that will be wet after the descent.
  • Canyoning boots can be rented at 5€ per person, to be requested when booking the descent.


Before entering the canyon, you will be briefed and instructed regarding:

  • the objective and subjective risks that may be encountered in the canyon relating to the environment and the activity.
  • the conduct required to ensure personal and group safety
  • the descent techniques, as described in the documents titled “briefing” and “activity sheet “, that may be downloaded from this site
  • conduct relating to safeguarding the environment.

You will be accompanied by professional, expert Canyon Guides, with certification issued by the Italian Association of Canyon Guides or with equivalent certification.

Recommended age: from 16 years and up*

* minors must be accompanied by at least one parent or other adult to whom they have been entrusted. In the latter case, parental authorization is required for the minor to participate in the activity.

Are you a group of at least 11 paying participants? Contact us for a special price!


  • Good overall health
  • Knowing how to swim or, alternatively, ok with using a flotation vest (to be requested on booking)
  • Not afraid of water.
  • No heart, respiratory or allergic issues that are incompatible with physical exertion and with the canyoning environment.


Lasciando il paese di Vanzone, direzione Macugnaga, sulla sinistra trovate il ristorante pizzeria Concordia. da questo punto, proseguite per 550 m fino a trovare un ampio slargo sulla sinistra della strada