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Canyoning, Canyoning, Canyonism, Barranquism, Canyoneering

call it what you want, it remains one of the most beautiful experiences you can have in NATURE! try it with a Canyon Guide of Toscana Adventure team. Our guides are Italian professionals, with hundreds of descents in canyons all over Europe and of every difficulty with a specific training course for the accompaniment in canyons, belonging to the Italian Canyon Guides Association, ready to accompany you in torrents of Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Montenegro, Greece

with enthusiasm and passion we will live an unforgettable experience together, to live alone, with friends, with your family.

Descents for young and old, famous, complex, demanding and beautiful canyons, and simpler streams, but no less exciting and beautiful, for all tastes and difficulties, from 7 years on …

We take care of your emotions.

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