Environmental activities and education for schools, family groups, recreational associations, scouts.

Our proposal favors experiential and not theoretical teaching, we firmly believe that to arouse interest in deepening, one must first pass through experience.

If you agree with this philosophy, contact us, we will study together a suitable activity built on your educational needs and on the characteristics of your children.

  • Orienteering and nature trails (recognition of plants, footprints, manual tests, etc.) – from 6 years onwards
  • Caving – from 8 years onwards
  • Mountainbiking – from 14 years onwards
  • Sport climbing – from 8 years onwards

Our proposals were experienced by:

  • G.Marconi elementary school in Venturina (Li) second classes. Orienteering experience, plant recognition and an olfactory treasure hunt.
  • Ladelund school, Denmark (about 140 children divided over 4 activities for 3 days).
  • Aabybro Efterskole School, Denmark (about 120 children divided over 4 activities for 3 days).
  • J.Carrucci elementary school, Empoli classes 2. Orienteering experience, plant recognition.
  • Bite School, Denmark. Canyoning (about 30 boys).

The poster created by the pupils of the G. Marconi elementary school in Venturin after an experience

The videos made by the pupils of the Aabybro Efterskole School, Denmark